Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Christmas Card Challenge

Hollywood starlet photos was the theme of our last challenge.
Remember that? 
It was mah-velous! Muah!
And the winning photographer was:
with her gorgeous recreation of the lovely Liz Taylor!
(Melissa's got a little winning streak much fabulous in that girl)

This means Sarah, as the losing photographer, provided a $10 gift card ( to one of you lucky voters!
The winning voter was:
Selena Ford!
Thanks for voting Selena
(and seriously, get with me about doing that shoot! -Sarah)

This also means that Melissa is the official chooser of the next challenge!

Hi! Melissa here! Thanks for all the votes on the last challenge!
I thought we should keep things in the spirit of the season and do a Christmas themed challenge. Sarah and I chatted and the topic of Christmas cards kept coming up so we decided to create a Christmas themed image, inspired by an existing image, that could be used as a Christmas card!

FUN FACT! Did you know the first Christmas cards were created in 1846? Google said so. 



I had great intentions for this challenge. I had a little vintage bed and a cute little model. I was going to use my mother in law's amazing vintage styled Christmas tree. I was going to create the most stunningly adorable fat baby vintage image.

But then the flu struck my house.
 For over a week.
All 5 of us.
It. Was. Awful.

So, all my planning went out the window! I ended up dressing up my daughter in one of her super cute vintage-esque dresses (I have a problem... there are too many of these in her closet. I'm addicted.) and pretty much looked around the house and thought "ok, now what can I create using things I already have." Turns out, I already had a Christmas tree (weird right? lol), an adorable model, and a vintage teddy bear. And thanks to my inability to put anything away after a session.... I still had a mini quilt laying around that hadn't been returned to the studio.


Something about this image just struck me. I love the look of glowy Christmas tree lights and I loved that it was a family sharing a genuine moment in their home. I knew I wasn't going to recreate it exactly as it was, but I thought I could use it to loosely base my image. My goal was to create a "moment" in my home and an image that I could keep in my family's album.

This was shot using just the light from the tree and a little bit of light filtering over from the kid's playroom. My son was in there playing Roblox on the computer and was too scared to have the lights off. He truly is my son. Not that I still sleep with the hallway light on or anything....
Another fun fact: the teddy bear was my husbands when he was a kid. The vest and bow tie the bear is wearing was made by my mother in law, and my husband wore it. My son also wore the same vest for Christmas when he was 2.


This is my favorite holiday. I love the gifts, the sights, the smells, the lights, the snow 
(snow for Christmas-time only...I'm one of those people...). 
Christmas takes on a special spiritual meaning. I love my Lord Jesus Christ, and I love thinking about his birth. It's the beautiful epitome of faith, hope, love, and peace. 

There are several Christmas carols that I even can't sing b/c I get choked up. 
Not that I can sing anyway, really (i.e., O Holy Night), to be honest. 
And Handel's Messiah? Niagara Falls over here.

Madonna and Child by
Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato
If you've followed me at all, you may know that I love old paintings. The way the artists saw and painted light and colors and people and emotions. 
I enjoy recreating that look. 

I posted to my personal Facebook page looking for a young mom with a young child.
A friend suggested Kayla and her little guy, and she willingly volunteered.
(Thanks, Kayla!)

Bible-time Bethelehem-styled clothing is a little hard to come by, and I waited until nearly the last minute to do my thrift store searching.
Lo and behold, I found a tan full-size JC Penny flat sheet and....a blue Snuggie! 
(Seriously, what are the chances of finding something so perfect?!)

We did the shoot in my kitchen, and my models were all that I had hoped for, and more.
I used one of my favorite backdrops, natural light coming from the window, and my model wore a sheet, a napkin and the Snuggie.
Fun fact: After the shoot, Kayla and I discovered that I had actually been in church youth group with her mom many years ago. I distinctly remember her mom playing the part of Mary in our Christmas pageant. 

It's different this time!

Decide which image you want to vote for, 
and visit that photographer's Facebook page.
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COMMENT on it with your own fond holiday memory!

Yeah...we're going to make you think.

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Each time you comment, it counts as an entry to win the gift card.
 Enter as many times as you like. 
Hey! It's Christmas!

One of you will be randomly selected to win a $10 Amazon gift card.
The photographer with the most memories (from you guys) wins the challenge!
The photographer with the smaller number of memories supplies the gift card.
'Tis the Season!
We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year! 

But, one last serious question....

Do any of you actually feed your family brussel sprouts for Christmas dinner? And do people really use those little paper things on a turkey? Asking for a friend.