Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Garbage Bag Challenge

The winner of the previous challenge is... 
Sarah! with her movie-inspired image
(for the 3 people in the world who have never seen this movie---
Sarah's was based on The Princess Bride)
(Also, 3 people---watch that movie.)

And our winning voter is...
Amber, you'll be getting a little gift from Melissa. :)
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The new challenge.

heh heh heh

I know what you're thinking:
"I have lots of garbage bags at home that I'd love to wear. But how? How, Melissa and Sarah, do I wear them?"
Well, sit tight.

Create and photograph a look using garbage bags.
And tape. Tape's okay, too.

Melissa and Sarah both wanted to make something gorgeous out of something a non-glamorous as trash bags, yet each went in a totally opposite direction with this challenge.

Melissa went with black garbage bags.
Melissa spared no expense and went with the Walmart brand

Sarah chose white
Sarah spared even less expense and went with Dollar General bags.

Check out the behind-the-scenes videos:
Click here to see Melissa's
Click here to see Sarah's

Final Images:
(Mobile Viewers: please tap on each image to see a full size/higher res version)
by Melissa
by Sarah

Melissa: I have found the one thing the internet does not have. Regular sized colored garbage bags. I reeeeeally wanted to use grey or tan or even a light pink garbage bag for this challenge but struck out everywhere! I could find primary colors, but nothing in the hue I wanted so.... Wal Mart to the rescue! I opted for traditional black and decided to step out of my comfort zone and shoot something dark and moody. My model, Skyler, is seen here wearing about 45 of the finest (a.k.a. cheapest, hey I was just going to cut them up!) black garbage bags I could find and a roll of black duct tape. I spent close to 4 hours creating the dress and in all honesty, was very relieved to find that it photographed very well! Skyler was an amazing model and didn't bat an eye when she
discovered I was going to dress her up in garbage bags!

Sarah: I had a box of kitchen trash bags that were too small for our trash can (note to self: get the TALL ones next time). Since I had gotten the most votes with the last challenge, I got to pick the theme for this one. I finally had a way of putting those bags to use!
I was thinking about doing something poofy. Perhaps ballerina-inspired. I was going to go all avant garde, with a large headpiece and bold makeup, but the girl I had in mind to model was going to be out of town the day of the shoot. My niece, albeit a bit younger, was willing to model, but she couldn't make it over, either! Shortly after I got that message, I was contacted by the grandmother of a young model, asking about a shoot. Perfect timing!
As my models got younger and younger, I changed up my design. It took several hours to make, and I had my moments of "what did I get myself into??" but I finished it up the morning of the shoot, and when Harper arrived she was the perfect model, and made those garbage bags look divine!
She is wearing fifty garbage bags, and is absolutely beautiful!

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