What is this about?
One photographer challenging another photographer to a sort of really fun portrait duel. Winner is chosen by votes and gets to select the theme (and rules!) of the next challenge. The losing photographer purchases and sends out a fun little gift to a randomly selected voter from that challenge. It could be you! (uh...you do have to vote first)

Who is in this?
Melissa Prout of Coleman, and Sarah Davis of Beaverton.
Melissa specializes in babies/weddings/women's portraiture, Sarah specializes in men's & women's portraiture, and families.
Sarah Davis & Melissa Prout
Why are we doing it?
  1. As artists, it's important to continually sharpen our skills...working those creative muscles, trying new things, learning more techniques, that we can eventually apply to our clients' sessions.
  2. When you take something you love (i.e., photography), and it becomes your job, even though you love doing your work, it's still work. It's necessary to step away once in awhile and enjoy photographing for the sake of making art, with only ourselves to answer to. There is a freedom in that which is something artists need in order to keep that creative drive from dying.
  3. We both really have a love for stylized portraits and conceptual art, and this is a great way to add more of that genre to our portfolios. 
  4. Hair and makeup and pretty fabrics. Hello, girls' day out!

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