Friday, May 20, 2016

The Nature Challenge

Last month's challenge was the Garbage Bag Challenge and the winner was...
I know, I know.... Garbage Bag Couture at its finest right here!


Melissa's gothic/high fashion/whatever else it was creation was chosen as the favorite by YOU the voters. Speaking of voters, we draw a name at random from the voting pool after each challenge and that month's winner was PATTY SEYMOUR
Patty received a little gift from Sarah...a Marvel coffee mug with m&m's. Oh, yeah.

To see what voters have received in the past, check out Melissa's blog here.

This month's challenge is aptly titled "The Nature Challenge".
Since Melissa won the previous challenge she got to choose the theme and the rules. 


  1. You may use any age/gender for a model.
  2. You must use elements found in nature to create a look that embodies the theme of "Nature".
  3. That's it---Anything goes from there on out!
And this time we are doing something a little different. 
We are not telling you who photographed which image. 
Simply vote for your fave without having to choose between Team Melissa or Team Sarah!

Once again---winner chooses the next challenge, loser sends a little gift to one of you wonderful voters. (be sure to leave your email so we can enter it and find you!)

A few notes from the photographers
(Who will remain nameless. For now.)

Somewhere in my internet travels I had come across this amazing gown with a bodice make completely of flowers. I'm not talking Halloween costume type of dress...I'm talking Beyonce wearing it to the Met Gala type of dress. So I did what I normally do and took a screenshot, archiving it in my special folder full of special ideas that I may someday come back to. So, helllooooo nature challenge! I already had the white gown, which is actually someone's old wedding dress, and just needed to "nature-ify" it up. My first stop was the flower shop, as I knew I wanted to use real flowers. The colors of the flowers were determined by what the florist had hanging around that were almost dead and therefore the cheapest. My only requirements were no neons or unnatural colors! My next stop was to my front yard where I gathered up pieces of this and that out of my perennial flower beds and maaaaaaaaaybe some of last year's dead leftovers that I never cleaned up. But, you didn't hear that from me. I wanted to go with a dark edit, something that really embodied what the weather was like that day. Which was rainy, cold, and dreary. Perfect day for a photo shoot, right? 

Remember that crazy cold winter we had? And how we thought spring was coming because it got really warm, but then it got really cold again and snowed? 
And how this was repeated 57 times? 
Well, we finally....FINALLY....had spring*. Buds appeared on trees, birds started singing, and I was inspired. I found a blossomed-filled tree, and I put a bird's nest on my lovely model's head (faux, because I wouldn't do that to my model or birds) , a tutu around her neck, and a homemade "nest" skirt around her waist.
I think she has a bit of an Effie Trinket vibe (any Hunger Games fans out here?). I played around a bit while editing this later, also chose colors that give it a bit of a cinematic look.
Our shoot took place at a park, and as an older gentleman bicycled past us, he uttered, and I quote, "Oh my.......". That's what art does. It evokes emotion. 
*It snowed again less than a week after this shoot. 

Speaking of nature, after you vote, go out and breathe in some fresh air, smell some flowers, listen to some birds. 
If you're stuck inside, you can check this out for the next nine hours or so:


As always, one lucky voter will receive a little prize....that could be you!
You may enter & vote once a day.
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