Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Dollar Store Challenge

The theme for last month's challenge was "Photoshop" and the winner was....


Her adorable shot of my (Melissa) babies and her niece as the fairy won by a landslide!
I mean... I can't even be mad... those are some great genes there!

But what voter gets the prize? 

Creepy picture of the Queen because why not. 
As always, a randomly selected voter wins a prize as a little "hey thanks!" for voting. After all, without voters to determine a winner... it wouldn't be much of a challenge! This month's winning voter is:


(the Teysha of Teysha's Creations email addy)
Melissa will be contacting you soon!

The New Challenge

The theme for this month is the Dollar Store challenge. Considering we both love dollar stores (who doesn't!?), and really wanted to push ourselves creatively, we only allowed a max of $20 to spend.  Any look, any model, anything we could dream up could be created.... as long as it cost $20 or less! 

This is a Blind Challenge 

Meaning, just as before, we aren't telling you which photographer shot which image! 

We want you to vote for the ART, not the photographer.
And as always, the WINNER of the challenge choose the theme of the next challenge.
The LOSER of the challenge will send a little gift to one of you lovely voters.
So, read each little blurb, look at the images, and choose your favorite!



I walked into the swankiest dollar store in town, armed with my $20 and was prepared for.....nothing! I really had no idea what look I wanted to achieve or what theme I wanted to play with. I wandered around hoping something would catch my eye and the first thing I spotted were these really pretty ivory and lace table runners. Ooh la la, possibilities! 

BUT wait... 

These cost what? $4.50!!?!?!   Each?

I thought this was the dollar store. You know, where things cost ONE DOLLAR.

I was wrong. So wrong. 

So, after considering my other options and looking around a bit more, I decided to bite the bullet and spend the $9 on my table runners. Silver lining though, the lace is beautiful and I can use it to DIY some newborn rompers when I'm done. Score one for me!

Next, I found some temporary tattoos in a shiny gold. They had kind of an Arabian/Princess Jasmine vibe to them and suddenly I had visions of gold and sparkle and shine! Also stumbled upon a really pretty gold necklace and some Jennifer Lopez earrings (which have found a home in my jewelry box) as well as some gold glitter eyeliner, big eyelashes, and safety pins. Can you believe my $20 was gone already? Time to start creating! 
I didn't end up using that round doily. Darn! I could have bought something else!


 Big thanks to Amanda for enduring my sweet makeup skills! 
I had Amanda curl her own hair, but I applied her makeup. I wanted her to look luminous and glowy and drenched in gold. I used both table runners to fashion a "shirt" using safety pins to hold it together. Bobby pinned the necklace to her hair, applied the tattoos, and used the gold side of a reflector as a background! 

And seriously, can I get an AMEN on this eye makeup?



I waited until the very last minute to do my shopping. I'd like to say it's because I work extremely well under pressure, but the real reason is, basically, that I'm me.
So, anyhoo, I was already shopping in Midland the day before the shoot, so I opted for Dollar Tree. Where everything really is just a dollar.
I always wear my red lipstick when I dollar shop.
I was under the gun for time (again, because I am me), and after filling up the cart once and then deciding to put everything back and start over, knowing I was already running late, and my husband was waiting in the parking lot for me---it was just like a reality show---I finally settled on this cartful: 
Even had $1.00 left over--Someone's going on another dollar store shopping spree next week! Woot!
I took the cardboard from the valance package and made a crown for my model.
I put this with the burlapy flowers, braided the dollar store hair, had my model, the lovely Maria, lay down on the floor in the studio, and wrapped the paper gift bags around her as a top. The valance was partially cut into butterfly shapes, and the rest was made into a wrap.
I photographed her while balancing above her on a little wooden stepladder.
Dangerous, you say?
Maria may have been a little nervous, though.
But maybe not. She acted like a pro.


As you can see, I went with a shabby chic victorian rustic glamour nature princess vibe.
Maria, being a shabby chic victorian glamour nature princess. Maria is awesome. 

Time to VOTE
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Remember, the losing photographer has to send out a little gift to someone! She will have to, may as well be you, right? 
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